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Planning Your Events For The Holidays

Event Company Singapore: Planning the annual Christmas office party, or any other event during the holiday season, can be quite the strenuous task. But not to worry, we got you covered. Here are some great tips on planning the perfect event for the holidays: Best Event Company in Singapore

1. A great team of fellow planners

Just as with any event, choosing the best members for the planning team is crucial to getting your office party off the ground running. Select those individuals for their ability to positively influence other employees and use the assignment as a reward or incentive for those chosen. You as the event planner should work with an empowered leader in human resources or marketing to help drive these decisions and choose the best members of the team. Best Event Company in Singapore

2. A cost-effective menu

The menu needs to reinforce the theme of your event, and you should try to choose items that incorporate your event colours or brand, but that doesn't mean you should rent expensive holiday decor linens and other materials. Selecting modest items or fresh fruit for centrepieces, limiting alcohol consumption, and hosting at a venue that has standard holiday decorations and food pricing options are all also excellent ways to cut costs while giving your employees a good experience. #1 event company in singapore

3. Limiting alcohol consumption

Speaking of which, you'd want to narrow your booze selection or even create cheap signature cocktails to reduce costs.You might also consider limiting the selection to only wine, closing the bar early, and offering drinks only during the meal to help cut costs further and limit the amount employees are drinking while representing the company at your event. Top Event Company Singapore

4. Enforce proper etiquette rules

Although an annual company holiday party is meant to bring your co-workers together, remind your guests that they still represent the company, even when attending this after-work event, and are therefore expected to behave in a manner suitable for the workplace. Etiquette mistakes to avoid at the holiday party include avoiding excessive drinking, eating, talking, or complaining, arriving too early or leaving too late, wearing improper attire, and bringing excessive guests. Event Company Singapore

5. Throw in a little fundraiser

While it’s very useful to associate a particular cause for the holiday party, it may be helpful for the organization to only encourage cashless gifts and in-kind donations that may benefit the charity being supported. This way, everyone is allowed the option to offer a gift at a value that fits their own personal budgets. leading event company singapore

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