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Risk Management For Food Events 101

Event Company Singapore: Food safety is one of the most critical considerations when it comes to any event, and establishing a risk management plan means taking certain factors that comply with safety protocols before and during the event. Here are some of the factors to consider for risk management: leading event company singapore

1. Temperature Control

Controlling the temperature of prepared, potentially hazardous foods is a big consideration when preparing a food event's risk management plan. Some foods and beverages are required to be stored and displayed at temperatures determined for safe refrigeration, while some packaged foods can be served at room temperature. #1 event company in singapore

2. Documenting your safety checklist

Documenting your own setup and safety checklist based on your risk management plan will help you handle the often-chaotic period leading up to a big event where food is being served. It should list potential triggers for those hazards and a plan to mitigate each one. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Having safety certifications

Ensure your staff and vendors at the event are well-versed in their understanding of safety protocols, which helps mitigate and minimise any risks. Before the event, you and your staff can undergo specialised online courses that teach all about food safety. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Taking other factors into consideration

In your risk management plan, take into consideration other factors such as transportation, equipment available on site, cleanliness and reliability of the facility and its equipment, sanitation and the scope and size of the audience to be served. Any considerations specific to your business and the types of food you're serving should be documented in your risk management plan. leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore

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