Social Event Ideas To Connect Guests Together, Part 2

Event Company Singapore: Have your social events been lacking steam and you're unable to get your attendees socially connected? Back by popular demand, here are more unique event ideas to help your attendees get connected and bring them together:

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Fireside chats

Need to inject some personality into your event? Why not try implementing a cosy fireside chat for your patrons instead. Make presentations more personable with fireside chats which allow an up close conversation that attendees are more likely to learn from. It allows nervous speakers to be more comfortable and therefore engage better with the audience on a personal level, particularly with the questions and answers involved.

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Murder Mystery

If you envision yourself and your guests as connoisseurs of Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie, why not try your hand at setting up your very own game of Murder Mystery to entice your intrigued guests? While it may start making everyone suspicious, they will quickly bond and form relationships using teamwork to guess the murderer! It also creates for perfect conversation post-event, particularly with a murder mystery that is a bit more elaborate.

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Disabling the Wi-Fi

Sometimes, your guests at the event might be a little too attached to their mobile devices, especially if they're constantly surfing the internet or perhaps even looking through their Facebook feed. It may sound like a shock and maybe not for the whole event but removing the internet and taking everyone offline can give the perfect opportunity to network and converse “old-school.”

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Open brainstorming

This one's designed to bring the more passive guests out of their shells in order to have them more seminally engaged and bring ideas they never thought they were able to conjure up right to the table! Have an open area or question that attendees can answer or add to as they are passing through, it encourages collaboration and makes guests stop and think. Using digital whiteboards or touch screens you can record all the comments and get attendees working together to solve issues or brainstorm.

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