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Spending The Weekends With Your Family

Event Company Singapore: The weekend is a great time to spend time with your loved ones, especially after a long hard week at your event company Singapore dealing with work and meetings, etc. Well, we have some fantastic ideas you can unwind with your family in tow before getting back on the work train:

Spend a day out at the supermarket

This idea may seem unlikely, but think about it: what better way to connect with your loved ones than a trip down to the supermarket? And I don't mean those supermarkets a stone's throw away from your home, head down to Giant Tampines or Cold Storage at Plaza Singapura, where the huge space coupled with a wide selection of goods allow for you and your loved ones to pick out groceries together and enjoy each other's company at the same time. Of course, you can also sneak in some sweets and cookies to bring to your event company Singapore first thing Monday.

Go on a road trip down south

Looking to get out of the country for a day without putting a dent on your wallet? You can take your family on a road trip across the Causeway down to Johor Bahru, or even head on down to Port Dickson to experience the amazing sights and sounds, eat the delicious seafood and visit famous landmarks such as Kota Lukut and Cape Rachado lighthouse among other things. Just make sure you bring back some nice souvenirs for your event company Singapore colleagues, ok?

Go on a hike with your family

Looking to get some exercise with the cool breeze in your hair and your family by your side? Take your family on a nice leisurely hike at Mount Faber, where you and your loved ones can enjoy the beautiful scenery overlooking the SIngapore skyline and get your daily dose of strenuous exercise at the same time. This is bound to refresh you mentally and physically before heading back to work at your event company Singapore first thing Monday.

Spend some time alone with your spouse

Sometimes, you just want to rekindle that romance with your spouse. How about spending some time alone with your significant other without the kids in tow? Hire a babysitter or send the children to their relatives' place for the day (plan this idea ahead to avoid any misunderstandings), and go spend a wonderful evening together. You can choose to spend a lovely candlelit dinner at Clarke Quay, or walk along the Singapore River while reminiscing about the first time you both met. You can also recreate your first date, minute details and all, to rekindle that special moment when you both fell in love for the first time. You can talk about your special evening with your event company Singapore co-workers, or just keep it to yourself as a special memory.

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