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Starting The Day Right: Breakfast Options For Events

Event Company Singapore: As the old adage goes, breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. This is why breakfast meetings work well: because they don't interrupt the day and because most people are alert first thing in the morning. Therefore, here are some great breakfast menu options to help get the day started right at any event:

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Continental breakfast

A continental breakfast is good for team meetings, training or customer events including staff to mid-level management. Served buffet style, this is the most cost-effective menu option with up to two or three options including one to three juices (e.g., apple, orange, tomato), assorted baked breakfast bread (e.g., croissants, muffins, toasts), coffee, decaffeinated coffee and tea. Seasonal fruit and assorted cereals and dried fruits are also available as healthier options.

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Traditional breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffets are usually better options during winter, or when healthy food options aren't requested by the client. Available usually as a standard or deluxe level option, they usually include the continental items as well as the following: scrambled eggs, meat (e.g., bacon, sausage), fried potatoes, and son and so forth. If the event planner isn't under too tight of a budget constraint, this is usually a safe choice.

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Breakfast stations

Breakfast stations are added to continental or breakfast buffets, which might increase an event planner's budget. However, people enjoy freshly made items so consider adding this to an event that includes mid-level and upper management attendees. An excellent way to make any breakfast event memorable is to add a made-to-order breakfast station that incorporates fresh ingredients, with popular stations including customisable omelettes, pancakes and waffles according to guests' specific tastes.

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Plated breakfast

Plated breakfasts offer a more formal touch to a breakfast business meeting or event and are usually easier to pull off in a more intimate setting. Most caterers will offer several different options that allow a planner to build anything from a fruit platter breakfast to traditional breakfast items or a signature local meal. Essentially, plated breakfasts are a presentation of the various continental or traditional breakfasts.

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