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The 4 People You Might Meet At Music Festivals

Event Company Singapore: Music festivals attract a diverse group of music aficionados, and you as an event company Singapore planner in charge of any music festival might stumble across various individuals from all walks of life. Therefore, we'll be taking a look at 4 types of concert goers you're probably likely to meet at music festivals:

The Lone Wanderer

The lone wanderer is the archetypal 'lone gun': always first to arrive and last to leave, preferring to wander the festival grounds alone while making friends with all and sundry along the way. Apart from a pair of ear plugs and athletic sports shoes, one thing every event company Singapore planner should know about the lone wanderer is that they are oftentimes opportunistic in a good way, going out of their way to visit each and every stage to check out the various artists and bands performing live every which way while avoiding the crowds at all costs.

The Socialite

The socialite is the kind of personality who's pretty lackadaisical and always socialising with everyone they come, even the event company Singapore staff if possible. Where it might take a few minutes to get from one point of the venue to the other, socialites spend more time chatting and being over-friendly which can be indelibly frustrating to their companions. It's great to be friendly and personable, but socialites should be mindful of their companions when it comes to travelling in groups at a music festival where your friends are trying to catch a particular musical act in time.

The (not-so influential) Influencer

These are probably the most annoying people you as an event company Singapore professional might be privy to throughout the festival. The 'influencer' is self-obsessed and vacuously moribund, going around the festival grounds snapping selfies of everything and anything while feigning excitement with overly exaggerated and comical expressions in order to impress their minuscule Instagram followers all for a few likes. These 'influencers' tend to sap the fun out of the atmosphere with their lack of consideration for others around them, all the while obsessing over their image. #superficial

The Alcohol Aficionado

Amidst the fun and energetic atmosphere emanating from excited concert-goers, there is always those few who imbibe a little too much for their own good. These alcohol aficionados are less interested in the event itself, and more focused on sampling every aperitif and alcoholic beverage they can get their hands. By the way they guzzle down the booze with alarming ferocity, the event company Singapore staff might be concerned for their well-being especially after drinking so much alcohol they might contract cirrhosis of the liver in a matter of minutes. Keep an eye out for these type of concert-goers in case they end up passed out somewhere they're not supposed to be, and keep some nice hot black coffee on hand as well.

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