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The Best Networking Games For Any Event

Event Company Singapore: Networking games at events tend to act as ice-breakers, in other words they are used to loosen up event participants and establish a friendly atmosphere. This works especially for introverted attendees, where networking event games can have a relaxing effect and set the right mood for a meeting. But if you're not sure what kind of games make for great networking and facilitation of bringing participants closer together, here are some of the best networking games to choose from:

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Guess Me

If your event uses smart badges and event apps with which people can pinpoint each other without having to approach them and start asking awkward questions, that’s a great occasion for a game! Encourage attendees to find 5 people of the same profession or background using smart badges at the venue. This not only creates a hilarious rush, but also help event guests find those who have similar interests to generate meaningful connections together.

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Fire discussion

Fire discussions can be held outside with participants situated around a campfire for good measure. Here, encourage attendees to give each of their new friends 60 seconds for saying whatever they want. If they find a conversation interesting, they can start a dialogue. Otherwise, those who listen have the right to say “fire” and switch to another person.

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Social Cafe

Organise a special 'social cafe', where participants are split into groups, and give each group up to 20 minutes to solve a problem or discuss a specific theme. Once the time is up, give a signal for people to switch and find another group. This way you’ll boost the performance of teamwork and help people identify like-minders in groups.

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Treasure Hunt

Here is a fun idea that might evoke a sense of nostalgia in your attendees and spice up the event a little here and there! Do you want to turn an event into a treasure hunt? Why not provide secret instructions to every attendee before the event asking them to wear specific things. At the event, everyone will get the task to find a person based on a specific profile description. At the end of it all, whoever finds their chosen 'targets' in the shortest amount of time gets a special prize!

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