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The Most Fun Ideas For College Events In Singapore

Event Company Singapore: College students need some way to destress after a long strenuous period of cramming for exams, loads of essays and finishing up their last-minute schoolwork. As such, here are some fun and innovative ideas when planning an event for college students that will allow them to unwind and have loads of fun:

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A round of paintball

Nothing brings out the competitive spirit quite like a game of paintball. Host a competitive game where players group up in teams with the objective to eliminate opponents by shooting them with guns that throw water-soluble dye balls. Build a maze in the college ground with materials from a local exhibition centre, that should give you minimum 5 hours of total fun!

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Cover band competition

On the contrary to popular beliefs that most college students have their noses in the books 24/7, colleges have great musicians and freshers bands. Instead of a normal jamming competition, you can have all the participating bands cover and even mimic a popular mainstream band of their choice right down to the fashion choice and style of music. The one who is closest in mimicking everything from clothes, hairdos, equipment, style of performance etc. wins a grand prize!

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'Murder Mystery' on-campus

Create a suspenseful and engaging on-campus murder story where you have multiple participating teams, and leave clues tracing back to the murder on the campus. The clues should lead to witnesses (volunteers should be asked to role play) and the one who finds out the real murderer first wins. You can develop a back story and leave clues all around the campus, along with dummies acting as dead bodies, and have some volunteers act as witnesses.

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Cosplay as famous people

If you want something that brings out the creative side of students, why not organise a cosplay event where keen students can dress up as their favourite celebrities ranging from pop singers to world politicians. Ask everyone to come dressed as a famous inventor or scientist or a world leader, and the one who's costume matches the most wins!

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