Unusual Wedding Favours & Treats For Your Guests

Event Company Singapore: Even if your wedding goes off without a hitch because of the perfect location or the delicious menu, you might want to make it even more special. Therefore, here are a few ideas of unusual wedding favours and treats for your guests to make them remember your special day forever.:

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Unforgettable wedding favours

When going for material things such as wedding favours, it is most important to choose an element that will immortalise the date of your wedding; it can be something symbolic but very meaningful. Some favours to consider include personalised illustrations, tailored stamps and even temporary tattoos. It’s better to put your heart on a souvenir for your guests rather than spending a lot of money, and your attendees will certainly appreciate a specially-made souvenir that can remind them of your big day.

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Providing live music for your guests

Live music is certainly a must to any party or celebration and your wedding should not be an exception. You can always treat your guests to an energetic musical performance. A wedding is a unique experience, and live music can make all the difference. The setting itself makes the music adapt to every moment. The atmosphere becomes different, unique and a playlist can not do that.

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Wedding pictures with a twist

A wedding is not a wedding without pictures, but you can still be creative and make them into unusual wedding favours. You can choose an original camera with an analogue setting and outcome, which gives the pictures a very vintage and customised look. Alternatively, if you want to go for something less mainstream you can opt for tailored portraits. Not only are the options very varied, you can either go for live sketching, caricatures, digital portraits or analogue portraits.

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