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Using Balloons As Event Decorations 101

Event Company Singapore: Balloons offer a variety of options and can be used for almost any event aesthetically. Use balloons to create an eye-catching focal point or to add a dash of colour to the proceedings, and best of all they are a simple and inexpensive design piece that can have a significant impact in more ways than one. Here are some ways to use balloons as event decorations: leading event company singapore

1. Centrepieces

When used as centrepieces, balloons add height to tables and be visually attractive to attendees without obscuring their line of sight in any way. Mix a few colours or types of balloons together, and then tie the strings to a weight and place on the table. #1 event company in singapore

2. Pillars

Pillars add height, interest and colour to large spaces, so by using balloons you can use them to divide up areas and help your attendees know where to go. Place pillars of twisted balloons around the venue to tie things together or outline a space.Top them with a giant balloon or nothing at all; these classic pillars are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Top them with a giant balloon or nothing at all; these classic pillars are sure to be a crowd pleaser. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Shapes

If you're the really creative sort with a big imagination, balloons can be made it just about any shape. Turn the classic balloon pillar into an animal, make a giant balloon heart, or even your event logo. Let those creative juices flow! Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Balloon arches

Classic balloon arches can be used to show guests to an entrance, highlight a venue detail, or even make a tunnel down an aisle or hallway. Balloon arches can be ordered or handmade with a little time and effort. For best results, use no more than three colours of balloons to bring your colour scheme together. Event Company Singapore

5. Ceiling covers

Add that magical feel to your event with a balloon-covered ceiling. Use only one or two colours and float balloons up to the roof. You can either have strings hanging down or not, but it is sure to add a sense of wonder and style to an unexpected place. leading event company singapore


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