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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Virtual Events

Virtual Event Company: Physical events may now be a thing of the past, especially given our current global climate. The way we now run events has completely evolved, and it is important to engage the right Virtual Event Company that knows what they are doing to keep any audience alive and engaged through the screen for the entire duration of your event.

Read on for 5 important things you didn’t know about virtual events:

Understanding Your Audience

Virtual Event Company - Virtual Event 1

It is important to not just understand the needs of your virtual event company client, but those of your audience as well. Catering to everyone’s experience might not be possible, and it is important to identify clear goals and objectives to ensure a successful and meaningful affair.

Start from detailed goal setting to doing proper market research to examining the personalities of your attendees.

Mix Live & Pre-recorded Material

Virtual Event Company - Virtual Event 2

Deliver a mix of both live streaming material as well as content that is pre-recorded. Every virtual event company knows the struggle of keeping a live audience constantly and consistently engaged. This is magnified during any virtual event whether is a seminar, retreat or dinner and dance.

Having a mix of these different content types allows the event to remain fresh and exciting. From live interactive polls to pre-recorded performances or interviews, anything is possible with the digital realm.

Promote During Your Event

Virtual Event Company - Virtual Event 3

A major part that a virtual event company sometimes misses is live promoting during the event itself. Just because the event is already happening online, does not mean that other platforms cannot also be utilised.

Live tweet, live instastory, and even show short clips of the event as it is happening on other platforms to increase your engagement and make sure your event reaches as many people as possible.

Follow Up Promotions

Virtual Event Company - Virtual Event 4

Promotions are not restricted to before and during your event. After-event promotions are just as important for any virtual event company. There is a great opportunity after every virtual event to dissect every detail, re-engage the audience, client and/or sponsor, as well as do an internal review to make things work even better the next time round.

Don’t Try To Do Too Much

Virtual Event Company - Virtual Event 5

Scheduling too many events, interviews, or performances within a limited amount of time is a classic mistake for any virtual event company. Don’t try to do too much. Allow for your participants to have time and space to breath in between each major section of the event (especially if the topic is heavy, or if the event is a lengthy one).


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