Virtual Event Company Boom 2020

Virtual Event Company Boom 2020

The recent turn of events in the global economy have created a need a for a rapid adaptation to the situation. The solutions offered by virtual event company Se7en Friday have been ideal in transitioning to remote working, and virtual events, ensuring business & corporate social continuity. This has been the primary growth driver for the global Virtual Event Company industry in recent years.

Studies predict that the demand for virtual event company will surge exponentially as governments, entertainment, education, and corporate enterprises continue to migrate to virtual event platforms to tackle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Convenience of participating in these events through a smartphone or laptop has strengthened the case for the virtual event company market, creating a massive opportunity for businessmen and artists alike to turn things around financially amidst a crisis.

As the health crisis worsens and with no vaccines or cures available, the demand for the virtual event company industry is expected to soar. 

These network-based events enable attendees to connect and schedule appointments with sponsors, performers and exhibitors. Therefore, integration of networking capabilities to establish connectivity among attendees is boosting the growth of the global Virtual Event Company demand. Additionally, collection of registration data helps virtual event organizers to gain actionable insights for decision making operations. It's no wonder Se7en Friday events is a front runner in this aspect!

Key Strategies Incorporated by Virtual Event Company, Se7en Friday

Marketing virtual event platforms and services by deploying customised solutions integrated into the cloud. In April 2020, Se7en Friday deployed a cloud-based event management platform to help end-users host virtual event during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Virtual Fairs, Virtual Conferences, Virtual AGMs, Virtual D&Ds and Virtual Trade Shows are entering into strategic partnerships and collaborations with innovative technology providers in order to procure and integrate technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning into their solutions.

  • Several key players such as virtual event company Se7en Friday are harnessing their in-house research capabilities to develop innovative technologies compatible with their virtual event platforms.

“Virtual event company and services are proving to be astute solutions that enable end users to host events and interested attendees to stay connected. A high demand for these solutions is being observed in countries highly affected by COVID-19 cases, as key players are offering price relief for end users whose events got affected due to the stringent lockdowns,” says an analyst.

Click here to contact virtual event company Se7en Friday for your virtual event & live streaming event purposes. We look forward to introducing you to our friendly & experienced team to assist you to get your event, virtual!

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