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Things Not To Forget When Organising A Virtual Event

Virtual Event Company - Is organising a virtual event online as easy as it theoretically seems? Ask any virtual event company, and the answer is likely - NO. Orchestrating a virtual event takes time, experience, and a whole lot of purposeful planning to pull off successfully.

The reason organisations and even individuals hire a virtual event company to plan their online conference, webinar, dinner & dance, livestream etc is because there are so many elements to a virtual event that need to be taken care of and built on. These are a few important things not to forget when organising a virtual event.

Check Everything Twice

A standard protocol for any event (online or otherwise) is to check everything over and over again. Even right before you start your event, make sure that everything is working properly, especially all your technology and equipment. Check your cameras, mics, laptops, streaming devices, sound quality, green screens and lighting to make sure nothing is amiss.

Be As Communicative As Possible

One thing that can take a back seat when you get lost in how time-consuming planning every online event take, is your audience and the impact you are creating before, during and after the event. Talk to a virtual event company to see how you can build an experience for your viewers that keeps them engaged and heard throughout. Communication is key - this is a big part of all your marketing efforts for the event.

Plan Room For Hiccups

If you are working with a virtual event company to plan your online event, sit down with them and ask them what can go wrong at every step of the way. If you event is a big one involving many participants and teams, you need to think of every worst-case scenario possible. Whether it's an alternative to providing information to your audience their internet gets interrupted, or audio issues.

Have a Plan B ready.

Breaks Are Crucial

If your online affair is only an hour long, then you most probably will be able to stream the entire affair without much need for pause in between, as audiences tend to be able to keep engaged with the speaker and screen for that duration of time.

Remaining engaged for longer periods of time however requires a different set of rules. Depending on the type of event you are running, your virtual event company might suggest including breakout rooms, games, quizzes and other activities to keep the audience’s attention fresh and engaged.

Which Platform Works Best

The virtual event platform you choose has to service yours and your audiences needs. For example, if you are a company hosting a large conference with multiple teams coming together, you might want to pick a platform that allows for a high level of networking to happen. Pay attention to what virtual networking options are available.

If you need to collect money (for sales or registration etc) during your event, then its important that the platform you choose provide the necessary tools for these transactions to happen seamlessly. Create a checklist of your requirements, and see which platforms tick most of your boxes. There are so many great options in the market!


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