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Wearing Jeans For Events The Right Way

Event Company Singapore: While jeans may be often conflated for more casual meet-ups and the like, what if we told you that jeans can be worn for any event so long as you accessorise the right way? We have a few ways you can wear your jeans for events the right way: leading event company singapore

1. Blazer/Sports Coat

Nothing dresses up jeans more than a lady's blazer or a man's sport coat. For ladies, blazers with ribbon detailing and strong shoulders dress up denim when worn over a plain dressy tank or silky top. As for guys, slim-fitting sport coats in navy, black and even tweed worn with dark-stained jeans can be easily paired with a shirt and tie. #1 event company in singapore

2. Dressy Top/Button-down

For women, creamy dressy tops can add the pop you're looking for to blue or black jeans blouses; tops adorned with sequins or black lace can add a sense of class to your get-up. For men, a white oxford button-down paired with classic-fit dark jeans fits the bill with the addition of a blazer, vest, tie or all three combined.

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3. Heels & Oxfords

From statement heels to tall boots, heeled shoes take denim up a notch and are also an easy way to add colour and height. Men's oxfords pair with jeans to create a classic look and lend a vibrant accent to your attire.

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4. Socks & Accessories

Ladies can accessorise their jeans with bangles, layered necklaces in different lengths and materials, a metallic clutch or brightly coloured handbag or a pair of hoops, which help add that classy touch to a dressy jeans outfit. For guys, socks with classic patterns such as argyle, paisley and stripes offer a vintage edge and splash of colour to your look while adding texture to your outfit.

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