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What NOT To Do On Your Birthday, Part 2

Event Company Singapore: So last time, we talked about how not to celebrate your birthday. Well, as promised here is the sequel and we got some more ways to avoid making your birthdays a real downer. So turn that frown upside down, and let's jump right into this article: leading event company singapore

1. Don't let your coworkers know it's your birthday

The last thing you want is for your co-workers to get wind that it's your special day, they might suddenly decide to throw an elaborate pot-luck celebration in your honour. Unless you like the attention, you might find it unwarranted so best not to say anything. #1 event company in singapore

2. Don't request a special dinner for yourself

While you may like the idea of having your own special birthday dinner, the food you love may not turn out the way you wanted. Also, your dinner might be so complex and take up a huge chunk of time for whoever's taken up such a daunting task to prepare your meal that you might feel indebted to them for all eternity. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Try to look pleased with the gifts you receive

Put on a brave face and accept whatever presents you get on your birthday, even those you might secretly hate. Sure, you might have gotten some rather ridiculous and frivolous gifts you have no interest in, but it's the thought that counts after all. Besides, there's this little thing called "store credit". leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Don't ask for presents you want

Sometimes you can't always get what you want, even presents that may be well out of range and could put a huge dent in someone else's wallets. Don't be overly expectant of gifts you want, as mentioned earlier it's the thought that counts so take that into consideration when you receive your gifts.

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