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What To Wear To A Business Event (In A Nutshell)

Event Company Singapore: The dress code for a business event varies quite a lot depending on the quotas instituted by the event company Singapore in charge. Information about the appropriate dress code is generally given upfront via invitations (email or physical) or on the award programs marketing materials, i.e. invites and website. Even with a dress code however, it is sometimes hard to know what to wear and what can be considered appropriate. Here’s some tips on choosing the right kind of attire based on the dress codes provided by any given event company Singapore:

Lunchtime function attire

If the event is being held around lunchtime, it's best to not go over the top especially if you're liaising with other event company Singapore representatives at the party. You’d want something that looks natural and not overly done up in this case. A cocktail dress with a dressy blazer over top should do the trick. In that way if you have a good result and party into the night, it’s off with the blazer!

Evening attire/ballgown wear

Before you attend such events taking place in the evening, it's best to make a clear distinction between evening wear and ballgown dress attire depending on the event company Singapore and their planned quotas. The younger guests might generally go for cocktail dresses or something more flashy, while girls who like to dress up will turn up as the veritable Cinderella. Classical black is highly recommended, and find something that suits your body shape and makes you feel fabulous yet adhere to event company Singapore regulations.

Business Attire

Now what you would normally wear for ‘business’ and what you would wear to a business award function as business wear are two completely different things. So, depending on the event company Singapore guidelines and dress quotas outlined, it's best to choose appropriate attire that is in line with the nature of the event itself. For instance, you can pair a white suit with black shirt and accessorise with some nice accompanying jewellery, or black pants and a black blazer with black lapels and a white button-up top for the guys.

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