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Why Live Music Might Be Better Than Spotify

Event Company Singapore: You got everything ready for your upcoming event except for one: the musical entertainment. While you’re about to create a Spotify or iTunes playlist, you’re starting to doubt yourself; what if live music was a better option? While simply setting up a playlist can seem to be a more viable option, you should definitely keep in mind the many advantages of playing live music for your events. Here are some reasons why live music might just be better than Spotify:

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All-time favourite hits given a unique twist

No matter what type of music or kind of event, most professional musicians understand the need for playing their host’s favourite songs. Instead of integrating the track in your playlist, let an artist play their own version of it. You’ve probably heard the same old popular hits a million times and would like to diversify a bit. Why not letting a professional band play their own version of it?

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Live music engages audiences

There is such a massive difference between hiring a live band or solo musician or simply pressing “play” on your smartphone. Guests definitely enjoy a live music act more than a playlist running in the background. Booking live music for your events is the perfect way to get your crowd to dance and remember your occasion. A musician’s energy and the love they put in what they do is definitely contagious and will lift up the mood for the whole night.

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It's easier to play live music at your event

There is a common misconception that having live music for your events usually requires extra material, a lot of space and a complicated preparation. While some bands do require a specific setting or material requirements, most live musicians have very easy technical requirements. Indeed it is quite common for solo musicians to bring their own small PA or even give an acoustic performance. The space doesn’t necessarily need to be big; sometimes a living room is even enough.

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event company Singapore

event company Singapore

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