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3 More Tips To Consider For Government Events

Event Company Singapore: As previously mentioned, it’s critical to understand that any little mistake can have profound and severe consequences especially when it comes to events revolving around politics. Therefore, based on the experience we gained powering registrations at this iconic meeting, here are 3 more top tips that will help build a completely secure and safe environment for all attendees:

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Online services support and software

The first step to building a secure information infrastructure is finding a reliable SIEM system. It’s important to ensure that the SIEM system is compliant with the cybersecurity policy your client wants to follow and should cover effective log management, scalability, deployment, and more. Before engaging in the organisation of a government event, update your software and major services to match your client’s strategy. Also, plan system maintenance in advance to prevent possible threats.

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Test all software, hardware and onsite layouts

Pre-event testing every tiny detail can make a huge impact on overall performance and you don’t want to fail because of a breakage that could have been easily fixed before an event. To avoid this, you will have to conduct extensive system testing. In terms of software performance, you can verify it through the use of scalability, endurance, load, stress, and spike tests. Concerning hardware diagnostics, there’s a huge list of testing activities from CPU and register tests to transient error monitoring. Lastly, ensure that onsite layouts work by testing every device separately and then in combinations. To minimise risks, appoint people who will be responsible for different types of system testing and maintenance, both before and during the event.

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Give instructions clearly to your onsite team

Even with the best technology at your fingertips, you won’t be able to get things done and move the needle without a well-trained team. The best way is to organise an extensive staff training in which you’ll provide clear instructions on aspects such as cybersecurity threats prevention, system maintenance, risk-based governance, and more. Develop scenarios for different types of situations, and ensure that your staff is trained to take the right measures in each of these scenarios.

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