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4 Live Streaming tips for a smooth pre-show / setup

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Live Streaming Singapore: Pre-show activities are the first step in the live streaming process. A rock-solid setup is essential for success. Use these streaming tips to help create a worry-free set-up experience.

1. Keep your setup simple.

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Every piece of equipment you add increases complexity in your setup. And if one of these parts fails, then the success of your entire live steaming Singapore show is at risk! It’s always best to keep your setup simple to lower the odds of technical errors.

2. Have backup equipment available.

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Even with a simple setup, there is still a chance your equipment for your live stream Singapore may fail. Some encoders, such as Pearl-2, are built incredibly reliable, but it’s the smaller components that tie everything together, such as cables and monitors, which may pose a small risk for failure. It’s always best to play it safe and keep backups of your gear whenever possible.

3. Ensure bandwidth availability.

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Know your network! Test your upload speed to ensure you have consistent upload bandwidth or your live stream Singapore may not be viewable by your audience.

4. Budget extra time for audio.

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In our experience with live streaming Singapore shows, audio setup sometimes doesn’t receive all the attention it deserves. Audio is essential to delivering a professional live stream, after all. So make sure you remember to give yourself ample time to minimize room noise, test acoustics, and configure your audio encoding settings, and more.

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