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4 Types Of Virtual Events To Look Out For In 2022

Virtual Event Company Singapore - So the year has come and gone, and 2022 is just around the corner bringing about new opportunities for virtual event company Singapore organizers in the process. With virtual events having a renaissance of sorts in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, here are 4 types of virtual events that will pique your interest as we head into the new year:

Online Conferences & Summits

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Amid the current pandemic, online conferences and summits have seen a huge surge in popularity due to how flexible and easy to implement many virtual event company Singapore organizers have found them. With powerful online tools for engagement at their disposal, many virtual event company Singapore organizers have utilized online conferences and summits to reach a wider audience and invite keynote speakers from across the globe. As a result, this helps save costs and fulfill their objectives in a more effective manner in comparison to a live-in physical conference.

Virtual Trade Shows/Exhibitions

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For many virtual event company Singapore organizers, the basic goal of any business is to enhance profit by maximizing leads via reaching a global audience. But how does that happen and is it risky? Thankfully, it’s never too late to get it right. Hosting a virtual trade show & expo can enable organizers to engage prospects across the globe, and live chat tools can be used to educate them about their offerings using live webinars and lastly convert warm leads with an in-event store for more productive results.

Wedding Expos Online

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From booking halls to finalizing caterers, planning a wedding can be a nightmare for any virtual event company Singapore organizer, especially when there’s a lot of research and running after vendors involved. Wedding expos eases this burden by offering all vendors under one roof for attendees to take their pick of the litter, and now these expos going online help make wedding planning even more convenient. A virtual wedding expo lets attendees search for caterers, musicians, event planners, designers, photographers, and so on all with a simple click.

Online Music Concerts

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Just as other events and conferences have been canceled across the world due to the pandemic, so have music concerts become an unfortunate casualty of the current situation. this hasn't stopped popular artists from working with virtual event company Singapore organizers to hold various virtual concerts for altruistic causes and solidarity with various charities and initiatives that have furthered their support with the help of virtual events.


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