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Common Types Of Corporate Events

Event Company in Singapore

In the world of event planning, corporate events rein in the big bucks for many event company Singapore professionals. It's no surprise then that corporate event planning and all that goes with it is big business, therefore let's take a brief look at four of the most common types of corporate events that any event company Singapore would love to take on:


Seminars are comparatively shorter events, lasting from as short as a couple of hours to an entire workday, where single or multiple speakers hired by an event company Singapore generally keep all participants together in the same space. In comparison, conferences have multiple sessions geared toward different interests, positions or roles, and even skill level. Conferences are usually planned for at least half a day, though generally conferences span the course of one to two days or sometimes longer.

Trade Shows

When it comes to trade shows, many an event company Singapore may choose to host or sponsor a trade show to promote themselves as an industry leader among those in attendance, such as members, customers, prospects, and suppliers. Planning these trade shows involves negotiating sponsorship rates for booth space, advertising and promotion at the event, and even speaking opportunities at the event for the leadership at your event company Singapore to speak.

Executive Retreats

Executive retreats are often held at luxury resorts in exclusive destinations, and usually receive the most visibility in any event company Singapore, and while business development and organisational planning are normally on the agenda, enjoyable activities are also given equal time as part of the original incentive and reward. Executive retreats can last between three and five days, requiring strict attention to details such as site selection, lodging, transportation, catering, business meetings, and other activities.

Golf Events

During golf events, relationship management is the primary objective although business content drives the event planning process as a whole. Most golf courses prefer clients to reserve tee times either first thing in the morning or sometime during lunch, preferably at 1pm if your event company Singapore is not renting out the course and clubhouse for the whole day, therefore it is important to keep internal clients on track, and not allow them to minimise the business time.

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