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4 Tips For Planning Corporate Event Entertainment

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Event Company: Corporate events can take on many forms, from corporate training gatherings and annual meetings to conferences and product launches. Whether your audience is employees only or an extended reach to customers, partners, shareholders, and your board, it’s crucial to balance the budget with the “wow” factor while being sensitive to current global financial challenges.

1. Focus On Creating Memorable Event Experiences

We live in a world where experiences are valued more than ever. At the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin, researchers found that people are happier with experiential purchases over material ones — no matter whether you measure happiness before, during, or after the purchase or experience. Researchers say this is likely because experiences endure in people’s memories while the value of material goods weakens over time.

Curate experiences that will stick with your attendees long after the event company ends. Get to know your participants and what experiences resonate so you can plan your corporate entertainment around that.

2. Keep An Eye On The Budget

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Entertainment can be expensive. Get started planning your corporate event by deciding on the format for your event and then map out a detailed event budget with a clear budget for every aspect of your entertainment. When you start investigating entertainers, get a detailed explanation of costs, including any supporting elements they may need, so you’re not surprised later.

For example, a live band may need a stage, lighting, crew, and specific type of sound system. A crew planning a drone display will need a specific amount of space, lighting, sound, and other things. The entertainer only sometimes provides additional supporting elements, so always check what is included while booking your event company entertainment.

3. Choose Thoughtful Corporate Entertainment

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With entertainment, it’s easy to get carried away with whatever entertainment is hot or trendy. You have to ask yourself:

  • Why are you having the event company in the first place? What are your goals?

  • What is your theme and budget?

  • What is the current employee sentiment at your company?

  • What type of entertainment will resonate, and what would be tone-deaf?

  • What are our “must haves” and what are our “nice to haves”?

For example, If you recently reorganized your company and dismissed employees, it’s probably not a good idea to book an expensive Grammy-award-winning band.

4. Prioritize Your Audience

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When planning your event company’s entertainment, consider your audience. Find out what they are doing before the entertainment is scheduled and what the demographics are like. Sending out pre-event surveys is a great way to determine what your attendees want.

If your attendees will spend the entire day sitting in breakout sessions, having them sit down and watch a performance for an hour is likely the last thing they want to do. In this case, something more interactive that allows them to move around will be more successful.

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