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4 Tips to Live Stream Your Wedding

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Event Company: Live streaming your wedding is a lovely way to include loved ones wherever they are in the world. Guests who can't make it will feel like they're right there with you on your special day. Streaming really came into its own when restrictions on weddings were in place, but it has become a feature that's here to stay.

Whether you're getting married on home soil or heading for a far-flung location to wed, there are so many reasons why a guest might not be able to be there on your big day. Illness or age might put a long journey or a destination wedding out of the question, or perhaps someone is about to or has just had a baby. It could also be as simple as wanting to keep the wedding party small, but still wanting to give friends or colleagues the opportunity to tune in to the ceremony. Yes, there are many, many good reasons to live stream your wedding ceremony online. But what are the things to keep in mind if you do? Read on for our top tips on live streaming your wedding ceremony online.

1. Who does it?

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If you are hiring a videographer for your wedding, you can ask them if they are able to facilitate live streaming your wedding ceremony too. Many suppliers are now offering this as an add on to your package. The best thing about this, over doing it yourself is that your videographer will know the best position for the camera as well as how best to pick up the audio. They might also use a dedicated and private live streaming service for this event company. The good news is that most churches and ceremony venues also now have a live streaming capability, so speak to your priest or officiant about using that. There may be an extra fee, and it won't be private, but it's an easy fix.

2. Stream it yourself

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You can live stream your wedding even without the help of a professional. The best way to do this is on a phone or laptop with a connected camera, on a tripod. There will already be a lot going on at the top of the ceremony space at this event company so you will want to add the tripod in as discreet a way as possible. The options for live streaming are Facebook or Instagram Live which will allow your followers to tune in, or via Zoom. Make sure you do a sound check and don't position the device too far away. A microphone will enhance the audio significantly. Make sure whoever is manning the camera knows what they're doing, and it's essential to do a trial run beforehand.

3. Ask in advance

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It's a good idea to let people know before your wedding day that the event company will be live streamed, especially guests with children and musicians who are performing. You could add a line to the end of your invite, or if you have a wedding website, add a note about it there. On the wedding day, ask one of the groomsmen to mention it to guests as they arrive so they can choose to sit further back or out of shot. Needless to say, if guests are hoping to let their hair down later on they might not feel comfortable about the reception being streamed, but sharing the speeches is another popular streaming option.

4. Who can watch?

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Live streaming your wedding can be for one person or many. If the live stream is for one VIP, why not add a sign to the tripod, that says something cute like 'Say Hi to Granny'. If it's for guests who cannot attend, offer invitees who RSVP no an option to receive an email with a link to watch the event company ceremony. Avoid posting the streaming link publicly or on your wedding website, and make sure only those you have invited have access. If broadcasting on Facebook Live, set up a special closed Facebook group in advance to maintain your privacy. Remember if you choose Facebook Live, people watching can rewind the broadcast and it will be on your Facebook feed to rewatch. Zoom can also be recorded to watch back later.

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