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4 Ways to Keep Your Event Guests Entertained

Event Company Entertained

Event Company: Planning an event or party can be a fun yet overwhelming experience. It can be hard to know what activities will keep your guests entertained. This is especially true if there are people of all ages at your event.

Don't let planning an event make the experience unenjoyable. You can easily plan a fun event without having to stress out or hire an event planner. Finding ways for your guests to have fun will keep them entertained and could help you sell more tickets.

We’re going to talk about our favourite ways to keep people entertained at an event or party. Ensure that your event is something your guests talk about for years to come.

1. Hire an Entertainer.

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Depending on the type of event you’re throwing, you might want to hire an entertainer. For example, magicians are great for keeping adults and kids entertained. You can make your event unforgettable by hiring a magician. Entertainers can break the ice at the beginning of your event company event, making people feel more comfortable.

Other types of entertainers you can bring to your event include:

  • Celebrity impersonators

  • Comedians

  • Caricature artists

2. Have an Upbeat Playlist.

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You don’t have to spend hours curating the perfect playlist. Music-streaming services, like Spotify or Amazon Music, have tons of playlists perfect for parties. You can browse through them, looking for one that matches the theme of your event company event.

You can also hire a local DJ to pick and play the music for your event. Whether the music is purely for the background or at the forefront of your event, it can set the tone.

3. Serve Delicious Food and Drinks.

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Drinking and eating is a form of entertainment itself. Even if you’re just serving fruit trays and finger food, what you serve can bring people together. Keep in mind if any of your guests have food sensitivities or allergies that you should know about before making your menu.

You should also think about what time of day you’re hosting your event company event. You’ll want to avoid serving a large three-course meal if your event is in the morning. Have non-alcoholic beverage options available for your guests who choose not to drink.

4. Break the Ice.

Event Company Entertained 4

We mentioned earlier that entertainers are a great way to get your guests feeling comfortable. There are other ways you can break the ice with your event company event guests.

Some of our favorite icebreaker games include:

  • Beach ball toss

  • Arts and crafts

  • Bucket list

  • Name that tune

  • Show and tell

  • Guess the childhood photo

  • Trivia

H/T: Ravishmag

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