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5 Checklist Items to Organise Your New Year's Eve Event

Event Company: NYE Event

Event Company: New Year’s Eve is one of the busiest nights of the year — and New Year’s Eve parties are the most popular activities. Make sure you start planning your festivities early to ensure your event is well-attended.

Your New Year’s Eve party planning checklist should start with goal setting, as this will inform everything else that goes into event prep. Your goals might be promoting a business, entertaining clients, or increasing sponsors’ exposure.

1. Choose your New Year's Eve party theme.

Event Company: NYE Event 1

The theme you choose for your event company event depends on many factors, but the most important thing to remember is that you want to tailor the theme to your audience. If you’re planning a New Year’s Eve event for adults, you might want to think about an over-the-top theme with cocktails to match; when planning a New Year’s Eve event for children, you’ll need to think about how to keep the kids entertained.

2. Select your Venue.

Event Company: NYE Event 2

The sky’s the limit when it comes to New Year’s Eve event company event venues. Consider whether you need a large hall or event space for your event or if a smaller venue like a restaurant or bar would work better. If it’s warm enough to be outside, think about parks or recreation areas that allow you to hold an event. See if you need to pay to use these areas or obtain a permit.

Questions to ask the venue:

When shopping around for a venue, don’t be shy about asking key questions. These will help you decide if the venue is the right fit for your New Year party plan.

  • How many guests can the venue host?

  • Is the venue accessible to everyone?

  • Does it have WiFi set up for virtual components?

  • Will it provide sound equipment for music?

  • Does the theme you’ve chosen match the venue? For example, if you’re hosting a champagne party, does the venue have an alcohol permit?

  • What time should a New Year’s Eve party start?

When you start and end your event depends on your audience and how long you want the event to last! A New Year’s Eve party for adults typically begins between 6pm and 8pm, but for a children’s event, you may want to begin and end earlier.

3. Choose some New Year's Eve Party Games & Entertainment.

Event Company: NYE Event 3

New Year’s Eve event activities can vary greatly depending on your event’s theme and attendee demographics, but booking the right entertainment — especially music — can be a game-changer. Booking a reputable DJ or a fun band is a great way to liven up the event company event.

Activity ideas for a New Year’s Eve party:

Scheduling great party activities is the heart of a successful New Year’s Eve event. Consider some of the following ideas.

  • Year-in-review trivia

  • New Year’s photo booth

  • Name that tune (best songs of the year)

  • Countdown to the ball drop

  • Karaoke

4. Dream Up Your New Year's Eve Event Food.

Event Company: NYE Event 4

The food you’re serving can make or break your event, especially when hosting a soirée where attendees may be drinking. You want to come up with exciting, thematic ideas for your food and beverages, but you must keep your audience’s dietary needs and preferences in mind. Depending on when your event company event begins and how big your venue is, you might serve small bites or arrange food bars rather than preparing for a full, sit-down dinner. If you’re hosting a virtual event, consider what recipe kits or foods you can have delivered to your guests before the event.

Exciting ideas for New Year’s Eve party menus:

Tasty menu options are a great way to entice guests and ensure rave reviews for your New Year’s Eve party. The following are some fun suggestions for party food.

  • Milkshake bar

  • Themed cocktails with alcohol-free options

  • Dessert bar

  • Mini versions of classic food (e.g., burgers, hot dogs)

  • Food trucks outside the venue

  • Fondue bar

  • Movie night food (popcorn, candy)

  • Bagels and spreads for midnight brunch

  • Caviar and raw bar

  • Ice cream sundae bar

5. Use All of the Above to Draw Up Your Budget.

Event Company: NYE Event 5

Once you’ve decided on your theme and chosen a venue and a menu to match, you can come up with a more accurate budget for your event company event. Whether you’re looking to raise money for charity, make a profit for your business, or simply cover costs, your budget will help you decide how much to charge for tickets.

Consider working with sponsors to help procure food or beverages for the event or approach local vendors and caterers who might consider negotiating a deal. If you’re working with a tight budget, enlist your team to help you make your own decorations or look into buying materials in bulk to get a discount.

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