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5 Dress Codes & What to Wear For Any Event In Singapore

Event Company Singapore: You just got that invitation to a lavish corporate event, but you have no idea what to wear and the dress code provided makes no sense to you. What is a "black tie event"? Is it fancy or just casual wear? What do you do? Well, never fear! We have just the thing to help decode those dress codes ! Here are the 5 different dress codes and what to wear for any event organised by your event company Singapore:

1. Smart Casual

This is the common style of dressing for many an office party or business luncheon, or after hours at the local watering hole. For the guys, it's good to wear some nicely-tapered dress pants or trousers combined with a collared shirt and pair of loafers. As for the ladies, a button-down silk top paired with either dress pants or a pencil skirt and high heels complete the ensemble.

2. Dressy Casual

More suited for an event at church or even a formal dinner, the dressy casual ensemble consists of a pair of silk pants/dress pants or a skirt combined with a nice silk blouse and a few embellishments such as a belt buckle or a bow for the ladies, and a dress shirt and tapered trousers paired with a nifty blazer or sports coat and a pair of loafers or slip-ons to complete the men's ensemble.

3. White Tie Event

White tie events are your average soiree (think charity fundraisers and weddings organised by an event company Singapore), so dressing to the nines is crucial if you want to make a good impression. For the men, a short or waist-length black tailcoat replete with white bow tie, white dress shirt, neatly-pressed black pants and a cummerbund should do just the trick. As for the ladies, dress to impress in a long-flowing ball gown with silky long gloves, a beautiful jewelled brooch and a stylish hairdo to complete the ensemble.

4. Black Tie Event

Often associated with more politically affiliated dinner parties and a few charity fundraisers, black tie events demand an atas look to your ensemble much like the aforementioned white tie event. For the guys, come dressed to kill in a suave black tuxedo (no tails required), with a nice black bow tie over a white dress shirt and dress pants complete with a pair of black loafers. The ladies can glam it up in a lovely floor-length ball gown sans the bling, or a quaint cocktail dress if the occasion calls for it.

5. Cocktail Attire

Speaking of cocktail dresses, these events often affiliated with birthday parties for adults and other social events organised by professional event company Singapore call for an ensemble with personality. Ladies get to wear a shorter-length dress with some frill, or they can settle for the classic black dress with any accessories of their choice to bring out their inner woman. Guys can go for a dark suit replete with a coat and tie, and some neatly-pressed pants or a pair of denim jeans with loafers depending on how casual the event might be.

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