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5 Etiquette Tips For Singapore Weddings

Event Company Singapore: There are tons of do's and don'ts, most often espoused as sage advice from your relatives, when it comes to weddings. But, what tips would actually help you out at your next wedding? Here are some etiquette tips for guests at weddings in Singapore: leading event company singapore

1. Always RSVP on time

When you get that wedding invite in the mail, make sure to RSVP your hosts as soon as possible to let them know if you can make it or not. Always respect the RSVP deadline so that the wedding party can confirm the number of guests attending the event. #1 event company in singapore

2. Don't outshine the bride

Whatever you do, don't come dressed to kill and outshine the bride on her special day. Don't go dressed in all-white, and no embellishments that are bride-like such as lace or full-length gowns. Also, no full black ensembles: the colour is symbolic of mourning and death, and is considered taboo at such an auspicious celebration. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Be punctual for the ceremony

This one's a no-brainer: never be later than the bride. This means you should make it a point to arrive at the wedding ceremony at least 20 minutes prior. But if for any reason you do arrive late, make sure you slip in discreetly without drawing attention to yourself or at the very least wait until the wedding vows have been exchanged. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Keep the affairs off social media

In other words, unless the bride and groom have decided to share their photos online with the rest of the world and/or they have tagged you on Facebook, please do not share pictures of the big day so openly unless you've asked the couple specifically for permission first. leading event company singapore

5. Don't stand in the photographer's way

The wedding photographers are hired for the sole purpose of capturing the happiest day of any couple's lives on film. The last thing you'd want is to obstruct them and somehow keep them from doing what they're being paid to do. So, no matter what the occasion might be, let the photographers capture the moment first before you start taking selfies with the bride and groom. Event Company Singapore

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