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5 Great Ideas to Spice Up Your Parties

Event Company Singapore: You want to make your parties memorable and full of life, but you are finding it hard to come up with something creative to inject new life into your event. Well, never fear! We have some great ideas, five in fact, that can help you spice up your parties and make a lasting impression on your guests for a long time to come: leading event company singapore

1. Special prize giveaways

As far as having these special prize giveaways, you can either do a straight drawing or add more interaction with a game like guessing how many green M&Ms are in the jar, for example. You can use gifts such as gift certificates to incentivise your guests to take part. #1 event company in singapore

2. Bring your own desserts

Instead of the traditional potluck meal, a homemade dessert table might be more popular with like-minded guests. Your guests can bring desserts from different cultures and regions in order to build a more diverse table, and that will excite guests with an extremely sweet tooth. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Bring food from all around the world

Speaking of different cultures and regions, why not introduce an international menu filled with myriad delicacies from all over the world? You can go for Mexican, Italian and Asian foods, or even sample traditional cuisine from places like Finland, Sweden, and the Philippines. Best Event Company in Singapore

4. Do something for a good cause

There is never not a good time to recognise to do something for a worthy cause. For example, you could invite a small group of children to sing carols at your event and then stay for lunch. Another idea is to sponsor a family and ask for volunteers to purchase an item or two from their wish list. Event Company Singapore

5. Throw in some gag gifts

How about adding a dash of hilarity to the proceedings with some insane gag gift ideas? Some popular ideas for gag gifs include finding the worst gift under $5 or having a mystery draw of wrapped gifts where only a few items are actually worth keeping. Whatever you do though, keep it fun yet wholesome and not too crazy with the gifts. leading event company singapore

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