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5 Tips for Lighting and Sound For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Lighting

Event Company Singapore: There are so many points to consider when planning an event, from flowers and decorations to catering and guest lists. One of the most important parts to pay attention to is the audio-visual aspect. The guests should be able to see and hear everything clearly, so that they can relax and enjoy the event.

There are a few simple things to think about and double check to ensure everything runs smoothly and is tailored to the client's needs.

1. Make Sure Guests Can Find Everything They Need

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It makes it easier for your guests to find everything if they can clearly see what they are looking for. Illuminate the bar, stage and exits so that everyone knows where they are. Use lighting to highlight the stage; if it's a conference then it's incredibly important that everyone can see what happening on the stage. If it's an outdoor event company Singapore event with a bar and buffet then use small LED lights or pin lights to draw attention to the food and drinks.

2. Use Lights to Create Atmosphere and Highlight Details

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The right lighting can help build ambience and set the tone for the event company Singapore event. Use colored lights that compliment the theme. Blue, purple and red work well for evening events or ceremony's, whereas yellow and white are appropriate for meetings and conferences. There are numerous lights you can use depending on what kind of effects you want to create.

  • If it's a conference or company meeting then a gobo lights can be used to project the company logo or slogan. They can also be used to project patterns on the walls and ceilings. Floral and geometric designs could add a romantic or eclectic feel to the venue and will definitely impress the guests.

  • Spotlights can be used to illuminate the stage or guest speaker. They are a traditional lighting method used for a variety of purposes.

  • Pin lighting can be used to illuminate centerpieces, decorations and the walls. They're light beams that are used to accent points of interest. These lights are particularly good at highlighting the things you want the guests to notice.

3. Place Screens On Stage and Around the Venue

Event Company Singapore: Lighting 3

If there are hundreds of people attending the event company Singapore event and there's a guest speaker, then it could be worth placing screens around the room, so that all the guests can watch the speaker. Screens are also useful for playing videos and presenting imagery to keep the audience engaged. For conferences or large meetings, it would make sense to have a large LED screen as a backdrop, or a projector to play slides and project the logo.

4. Make Sure the Sound is Clear

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When it comes to the AV aspects, consider the size of the venue, the purpose of the event company Singapore event, the size of the audience and whether it's indoors or outdoors. You will need high-quality amplifiers, microphones and speakers, so the sound is clear. If it's a large celebratory event, then it may be worth hiring a team that will take handle the audio-visual aspects, as it can be cost-effective.

5. Complete Sound Checks and Rehearsals

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To make sure the big night goes off without a hitch, have a run-through a few days in advance. Leaving time between the rehearsal and event company Singapore event will ensure that any problems can be fixed with enough time to spare, which will be a big stress reliever. Have your team stand around the room and check if they can all hear you whilst you’re speaking into the microphone or headset. Ensure the volume is perfect as the sound shouldn't be too loud; you don't want your guests to leave with a headache. It might sound like an obvious one but make sure all the lights are working properly, there’s nothing worse than a blinking spotlight or blown fuse on an important night. Ensure the projector is in focus, as you don't want to present the guests with a fuzzy slide show.

To create an unforgettable event it's important to pay attention to the details so everything runs smoothly and your guests leave with a great impression. So before picking flower arrangements and centerpieces, be sure to make sure the lighting and sound are on point.

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