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4 Icebreakers to Use At Your Event

Event Company: 4 Icebreakers

Event Company: Icebreakers are the perfect way to make a good first impression at the start of a presentation or conference. They aid with boosting audience engagement, help people to settle in, and set the tone of the session.

It’s a good idea to think them through thoroughly before your event so that you’re fully prepared.

1. Introduction Interviews.

Event Company: 4 Icebreakers 1

Getting to know the people in the room is a crucial part of every event company event. And yes, obligatory introduction rounds are usually pretty awkward.

Try something different. Put participants in pairs and let them interview each other. Give them five minutes to learn about one another’s background, professional experience or passions.

Then, do the introduction round, but this time let the interviewer introduce the interviewee. The intros may look something like this:

This is Peter; he lives and breathes technology. He built his first robot at the age of five. He’s now working as an innovation lead. He also loves skydiving.

Not only will you make the introductions less stiff, but you will also help people to connect.

2. Two truths and a lie.

Event Company: 4 Icebreakers 2

This is one of those introduction icebreakers that works well at your event company event for both small groups and large audiences. People are asked to share two true facts and one false statement about themselves and the audience guesses which one is the lie.

We use it to introduce our new hires in the form of a Newbies Quiz. It’s a nice way to take the pressure off people and make the introductions fun.

3. Human Bingo.

Event Company: 4 Icebreakers 3

Have you ever played bingo? This icebreaker game is a bit more special. It will get people to interact and know each other better.

Prepare 5×5 bingo matrices for your event company event filled with a series of personal or business-related statements and hand them out to the attendees.

Here are some example questions:

  • Have you visited more than 15 countries?

  • Do you have a pet?

  • Have you ever fallen asleep during a conference call?

  • Have you been with the company for over 10 years?

Instruct the participants to interview each other and tick off the boxes that apply to each person. The person who completes the card first wins.

4. Coffee break assignments.

Event Company: 4 Icebreakers 4

Coffee breaks are seriously underused at event company events. While some people have mastered the art of networking at events, others might need a little nudge to help them start conversations with strangers.

At Eventex 2016, seasoned meeting designer and facilitator Jan-Jaap In Der Maur encouraged people to network through coffee break assignments.

Before they left the room, he instructed the participants to meet three new people during the upcoming break and ask: “What’s your story?” or: “How did you get to do what you’re doing?”

After the break, Jan-Jaap got people to pass around the Catchbox — a throwable microphone — while music played in the background.

When the music stopped, the person holding the microphone shared one of the stories he or she had learned during the break.

H/T: Sildo

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