5 Types Of People At A Dinner & Dance

Dinner And Dance Event Management: Dinner & Dance events can be a glamorous affair: lots of succulent food on sticks, mingling with prestigious guests while the hired band sets the tone for the night, free flow of champagne etc. But sometimes, you just might run into some rather intriguing characters that could make the evening that little bit more interesting.

Here are 5 types of people you're most likely to run into at a Dinner & Dance:

1. The "Casanova" (aka The Flirt)

There's always that one person dressed to the nines trying to chat up other guests with the cheesiest pick-up lines in recorded history, usually to no avail. Watch out for his sleek moves and oily charisma, he'll hit on you whether you got a ring on your finger or not, no one's safe from the "Casanova".

2. The Social Influencer

She's all dolled up in the latest makeup and fashion accessories and taking selfies with VIP guests or by herself in the restroom, showing off her "fleek" fashion apparel to her Instagram followers #onpoint. Be careful running into the influencer, she just might ask you to follow her many social media accounts for some expired discount codes #swag.

3. Mr. Always Hungry

Event company Singapore: Keep the hors d'oeuvres far away from them, they are only here for the free food and that's about it. That prime rock lobster out at the center of the banquet table, it's already gone by the time you get to it. No dish is safe, not even those on dim sum trolleys or the fruit displays. They will 'tar pow' anything and everything, nothing's going to waste with Mr. Always Hungry around.

4. The "Atas" Socialite

Very much like the Social Influencer, The "Atas" Socialite is decked out in massively bedazzling bling-bling while she makes her presence known in a faux English accent (aka the Queen's English). Don't expect to have a good first impression of this one, she's more likely to hang out with the more prestigious and wealthy guests (or "her people" as she'd refer to them).

5. The Mabuk

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy, there's wine on his tux, but the drunk is highly inebriated thanks to all that booze he's been downing the entire evening. Make sure to have that Uber on standby and a couple of Panadols to put in his pocket for that massive hangover the next day from all that "fun".

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