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Catering Ideas For Corporate Events

Event Company Singapore: Good food makes for a good mood, and if you can impress your guests with an excellent menu, the chances are you can set a positive vibe for the whole event. Here are some event catering ideas that will help you ensure your attendees leave the venue in a good mood.:

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Going for regional specialties

Deriving tasty dishes from locally sourced food is the best and most affordable choice one should make if you’re planning an incentive trip or an international meeting. Not only is it a great idea for giving your guests a warm welcome to the region, but it’s also much easier to find a catering service that can provide excellent local food and drink choices.

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Using foods in season

Why not treat your event attendees to the best food that the current season has to offer? The reasoning behind this tradition can be drawn along the lines of say, what can be more delicious than pumpkin pancakes in October and strawberry tarts in early June, for instance. What’s more, such food options can be very helpful if you have a very limited catering budget because seasonal products are usually much cheaper than out-of-season foods.

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Preparing an organic menu

Sustainability is a signature dish of the 21st century, and since so many people have been keenly focused on organic food production these days, event organisers often make the choice to transition to an organic menu. If that’s something that will appeal to your audience, look for partnership opportunities with local farmers to get the freshest organic food to your event table.

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Ensuring vegetarian/vegan options

As is customary to determine the dietary habits of their guests, some event organisers run pre-event surveys to find out whether there are any vegetarians or vegans among the attendees. If you can’t manage this because your event is too large or you’re not asking questions about food preferences before an event, just ensure you have some vegetarian/vegan options on the menu just in case.

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