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Cheap Creative Ideas For Marketing Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Spicing up your event to get people interested is hard work, and it can burn a hole in your budget. But what if we told you there are some really cheap ways to market your event that also go easy on your wallet? Here are some really super creative and cheap ideas for your consideration: leading event company singapore

QR code mystery

Use QR codes to draw in curious onlookers. Try handing out QR codes on the street that provide links to prizes, tickets and event information. Also, put up QR codes on posters at various public places, each encoded with a cryptic message that is certain to pique interest. #1 event company in singapore

Live spectacles

Flash mobs may sound cheesy, but it's a good way to get people curious and wanting to learn more about your event. Plan a live activity that can grow and develop in a busy public place over a period of a few hours and that passers-by want to stop and watch. Also, make sure to post this online on various social media platforms and add relevant hashtags to garner more interest. Top Event Company Singapore

Set a new world record

Nothing quite says "go big or go home" like trying to set a new world record. You can attempt to create the longest "human caterpillar", bake the largest pizza or see how many Oreos passers-by can stuff in their mouth to beat the current record. So long as you link these world record attempts to your event and draw immense publicity through mainstream media outlets and online, you are guaranteed to get loads of buzz and people talking for a long time to come. leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore Best Event Company in Singapore

Animal ambassadors

Appeal to people's good nature with some cute and furry friends! Why not team up with organisations such as the SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) to promote an adoption drive in association with your event, this helps create an element of sustainability that can go a long way for your event as well as help promote a great cause in the form of helping stray dogs and cats in need of a good home.

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