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Choosing The Right Venue For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Booking a venue for your event is one of the most crucial step, if not the most important, if you want to ensure its eventual success. But how would you know if it's the right venue for you? We have the tips and tricks on choosing the right venue for your event: Event Company Singapore

1. Size does matter

The size of the venue is the first thing you should consider; how many people can it hold on top of equipment and amenities, and so on and so forth. The venue shouldn’t be too big for your event, but it also shouldn’t be too small, it should be just right. Establishing working relationships with one or two venues can help save a lot of time and effort when planning the logistics. But it’s important to remember that just because a venue worked for one type of event, the same might not necessarily be true for another type. Best Event Company in Singapore

2. The layout of the venue

Determining the right layout for you depends on the kind of event you’re organising, as well as what role you expect the event entertainment to play during the event. It’s okay to book a venue that is enclosed and has a lot of corners or angles and the entertainer is playing more of a background role. Likewise, if you’re expecting the entertainment to be a focal point of the event then a venue with an open floor plan that offers 180 degrees of clear, unobstructed views of the stage is a much better option than one with lots of corners or angles. Top Event Company Singapore

3. Needs of your entertainers

Event organisers tend to focus more on the needs of attendees, but if the event is going to include entertainment, you need to consider whether the venue is a good fit for the entertainer/s as well. A satisfied entertainer is much more likely to put on a good show than a dissatisfied one, and a good show will make your guests happier. #1 event company in singapore

4. Accommodations are met for your entertainers

When booking event entertainment, the contract will usually include a rider (requirements for entertainers' needs at the venue when they're not performing) which would include criteria such as sound setup, food and drinks, or even a private area for the entertainer to get ready for the show that will only be accessible to the entertainer and their team. leading event company singapore

5. Sound and acoustics

If you’re booking a musical act and the venue you have in mind doesn’t have a good in-house sound system or the necessary equipment for a musical act, you’re going to have to rent it, which will drive up the cost of the event. The acoustics of the venue are also important, so start by looking at venues that are known for hosting concerts; they’ll likely have most of (if not all) the equipment you’ll need, and the acoustics are bound to be better than those of, say, an art gallery. leading event company singapore

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