Community Event Ideas To Bring People Together

Event Company Singapore: We all love bringing people together in the spirit of community. Here are a few ideas for when organising community events to bring people together:

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Potlucks are a fantastic idea that involves each attendee bringing a food item to contribute to the buffet table. For larger events, you want to make sure you have everything from starters to sweets so you can allocate meal (or drink) types to groups of people who can then organise with each other what they are going to specifically bring. This is an excellent way of bringing people together and starts a conversation on what everyone has brought. event company Singapore

Bake off

Appeal to your attendees' inner Julia Child with a bake off! Offer cooking classes and workshops with the attendees being able to add their creations to the buffet. Local restaurants could set-up a pop-up stand to accommodate in exchange for signage as an interesting sponsorship idea. Of course, you could also make it a competition too.

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Ice rink

It doesn’t have to be winter to incorporate a fun participatory activity for your attendees because synthetic ice rinks are becoming popular. They don’t use wet ice but the best synthetics rinks can offer a comparable skating experience and can be built indoors or outdoors, even in the height of summer. Accommodating large numbers all at once, synthetic ice rinks are energy conscious and environmentally friendly. while giving guests of all ages a unique experience to get active.

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Plan with your community in mind

While these can be difficult to get permits for if you need to cordon the street, they are excellent and memorable because they involve bringing neighbours together so are more likely to become recurring. These traditions help to create safer neighbourhoods and give children an opportunity for a warmer environment to grow up in.

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