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Cultural Weddings Do's & Don'ts

Event Company Singapore: We live in a country filled with various races and cultures, and just as with any cultural tradition weddings are quite significant. But there are some traditions and values that differ with each culture when it comes to weddings, so let's take a look at these do's and don'ts that guests should take heed at any wedding: leading event company singapore Event Company Singapore

Malay Weddings

When it comes to Malay weddings, dressing modestly is a must; women can wear traditional Malay dress such as the baju kurung, while guys can rely on a good old-fashioned pressed shirt and pair of jeans as a go-to ensemble. Food served at the wedding would be halal (meat and other ingredients are prepared as per Islamic law), hence pork is strictly forbidden. Also, you need not worry about punctuality, as you can arrive anytime you like. However, the bride and groom may not be seated at the altar the entire time so make sure to inquire with the couple beforehand in regards to the timings. #1 event company in singapore

Indian Weddings

Firstly, never wear white and black, which are considered funeral colours. Instead, opt for more vibrant colours such as red, green and orange for instance. Also, Indian weddings differ based on whether it's a Hindu, Sikh or Muslim wedding; in fact, Hindu and Sikh weddings may last anywhere between 1-4 days give or take, for example. Lastly, the food served ranges from non-vegetarian fare to more vegetarian dishes based on the cultural traditions of the happy couple and their families, and if you are a little averse to spicy food you might want to go for the vegetarian options just in case. Top Event Company Singapore

Chinese Weddings

For Chinese weddings, go dressed in colours of green, orange and pink, but avoid black and white colours as they are symbols of mourning. Also, don't dress in red, the last thing you want is to outshine the bride. Ang baos are your best bet as a wedding gift, but don't give any money that ends in 4 when added up as the number 4 in Chinese literally means death. But 8 is auspicious, so do give out money in eights! Lastly, the food is served up as a lavish banquet that is rich and really delicious! Best Event Company in Singapore

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