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Debunked Fundraising Events Myths

Event Company Singapore: Any event planner and organiser can tell you there are tried-and-true methods that can't go wrong, especially when it comes to fundraising. But how much of it is true? Let us take a look at some debunked myths together: leading event company singapore

1. Old-school tactics still work

Relying on old school tactics in this day and age is bound to be fruitless, especially with the advent of social media which has caused a paradigm shift in the way events, specifically fundraising events, are promoted. Moreover, being creative and playing off the latest trends related to your cause can significantly help draw more attention as well. #1 event company in singapore Event Company Singapore

2. Crowdfunding is not effective most of the time

Crowdfunding, or peer-to-peer fundraising, is often used in tandem with fundraising events in an effort to raise awareness and increase donations as well. However, the notion that crowdfunding is mostly ineffective in this aspect is erroneous and holds no merit. On the contrary, crowdfunding is extremely versatile no matter the type of events so long as there is a cause attached to said events that is relatable and strikes a chord with event attendees, and also being immensely creative with utilising crowdfunding to draw more positive attention. Top Event Company Singapore Best Event Company in Singapore

3. It's more costly to organise fundraising events

On the contrary, hosting a fundraising event with a solid budget plan in place can be more lucrative than one can imagine. Furthermore, you can actually lower costs by partnering with like-minded sponsors who are keen on investing their time and effort into getting your event off the ground running through heavy promotion and intense marketing, for instance. leading event company singapore

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