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Fun Ideas For Corporate Events 101

Event Company Singapore: Making a corporate environment fun and engaging can be difficult when you also have to consider keeping a professional image at all times, so the pressure is on to raise intrigue and continue staying totally on brand at the same time. Here are a few ways to make corporate events fun again:

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360 Video/Photography

Capture the ambiance and atmosphere of the event using the increasingly popular 360 video and photography, like in the instance of using during a live stream to make virtual attendees wish they were there and feel like they are! Integrating 360 video seamlessly can be difficult but also paves the way for augmented reality at your event too.event company Singapore

Roaming competitions

This is a great marketing tactic for corporate events through creating pop-up ideas that spark intrigue and excitement. Build on this by making them roam and moveable, and you could do this across the country or even in the office with different elements popping up in different departments each day. They create surprise and buzz about where it could be found next and helps with immediate brand recognition.

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Unique staff competitions

The staff at your event are just as important to the aesthetic, so ensuring they are incorporated into themes and colour schemes is important. Mix it up by having intricate uniforms that add to the wow factor and generate buzz among your attendees with their uniqueness and attractiveness.

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Bespoke mini boards

How about something on the fun side for culinary enthusiasts out there? Create a quirky set menu with this lavish presentation so guests have their own boards. These include ham hock terrine, beetroot crisps and pickles in a beautiful display served with silverware.

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