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How To Cold Call Potential Sponsors 101

Event Company Singapore: In a recent survey of event professionals, nearly half of correspondents said their primary method for contacting sponsors was email. But while email is an effective tool for reaching out to prospects, you can win more sponsorship deals if you pick up the phone. Thus, here are a few ways to cold call potential sponsors for your event:

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Turn your cold call into a warm call

Always do your due diligence and try to gather as much information as possible before contacting potential sponsors. If you’re unsure how to get started, here are a few places to start. Look up your contact’s profile on LinkedIn to confirm whether they’re the right person and also review their website to get information about their product or services and who their customers are. Finally, a quick search here will let you know what the company is currently up to and shed light on any challenges they’re trying to solve.

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Know your value proposition

When it comes to winning over sponsors, it's best to know your value proposition. However, no one wants to hear you prattle on about how great your company is, its cutting-edge technology, or how it is the industry leader. Sponsoring your event is a business opportunity, so instead, ask yourself what you can do for them and what problems do they have that you can fix. When you call, for example, tell them how you just helped their competitor reduce activation costs by 15%, or improve average transaction speed by 30%.

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Have a script on hand

All too often, lots of employees don’t like scripts, the biggest point of contention being that they don’t sound natural. But what’s “natural” about stumbling through talking points, trying to figure out what to say next? If you’re worried a script will make you sound like a robot, consider making a decision tree. That way you’re ready for what’s next, no matter what the other person says in response, and you’ll feel and sound more comfortable eventually, which is much more likely to get you a positive response.

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Always keep practising

Even with a script, it may take some time before you’re completely comfortable with the phone in your hand. As with anything you wish to be proficient at, it takes practice, so call your own phone and leave a message that you would leave your prospect. When you’re ready to start calling prospects, don’t call your best prospects first but start with the least important sponsors on your list. By the time you’ve worked your way up the list and are ready to call your “white whales,” you’ll have polished your pitch and will feel more confident.

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