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How To Entertain Your Guests At Your Events

Event Company Singapore: Creating a great experience for event attendees is essential if you want your event to be memorable, and to keep your attendees’ interests piqued, you need to keep them engaged. Thus, here are some top tips and tricks on making your event as entertaining and fun as possible for your guests:

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Multi-Level Entertainment

Consider different tiers of entertainment for continued amusement that hits the right note, such as queuing for example. If you have elements of your event that may turn into queues and these are unavoidable, entertain them by having walking entertainers to interact or big screens near the waiting area will make time fly by for guests. Amuse crowds by simply adding props or interactive crowd games to make it more enjoyable and engaging. Lastly, don’t forget to think small and consider the personal touches that make entertainment memorable. This could be something as simple as table trivia at a corporate gala for networking, to interactive speakers or roaming entertainment.

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Making it social

Don’t just entertain your attendees, entertain your audience by making it go viral and improve brand reach by getting your event trending and shared globally. People will want to post and share your event if it evokes strong emotions; be it surprise, excitement, awe or amusement, if you use an act, a show or a performer that is so unique that people are stirred to feeling amazed or surprised, then they are going to want to share their experience with others. Also, don’t rely on attendees to capture the entertainment so ensure you have someone recording it, you never know when the footage may come in handy for full previews or exclusives. Lastly, plan ahead and don’t be afraid to put some thought into how to make the entertainment viral. Do some research on what is popular, create a buzz that includes entertainment teasers on social media and you could even invite press for coverage!

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Remember your audience

Your event style and type will largely dictate what is appropriate or not, so know who you’re talking to. Firstly, analyse your demographic by age, social background and sex, and choose entertainment accordingly. Consider venue space, as venue size and location is a factor that many event planners and organisers forget or remember at the last minute. This is important, as it will play a part in deciding whether or not you can have that aerial team you want or full-scale swing band. And lastly, Budget where the amount of money a company is prepared to spend on entertainment will affect the options available.

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