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How To Fake Drinking Alcohol At An Event

Event Company Singapore: There's never been an event where alcohol was never featured prominently or at all. Champagne, beer, whiskey, wines, you name it, alcoholic beverages are always in high demand as your event company Singapore can attest to. However, there will be some guests who may not be able to hold their drink well, former alcoholics trying to cut back on the booze or simply allergic to alcohol. Whatever the reasons may be, we have some tips and tricks to help them out with these 5 easy ways to fake drink alcohol without rousing any suspicions:

1. Make grape juice look like wine

This one's a pretty easy trick, as grape juice has a similar look and texture to red wine especially when it's carbonated. But be discreet about it; if you're representing your event company Singapore at an upscale charity gala for instance and you can't drink a drop of wine whatsoever, quietly go to the bar and ask for some grape juice to be served in a wine glass carefully to reduce air bubbles in your "wine". Your grape juice can now pass off as a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with ease! best event company singapore

2. Get a mocktail instead

Mocktails are just watered down versions of their more robust counterparts, for instance instead of a pina colada ask the bartender for a virgin pina colada (aka no alcohol whatsoever). If you don't know what mocktails to get, merely order the Shirley Temple (non-alcoholic drink made from grenadines) instead. Your event company Singapore would most likely have some non-alcoholic cocktails to choose from anyways so don't fret about not knowing what mocktails to choose from.

3. Substitute beer for ginger ale

If you don't drink beer and/or you hate the taste of it, get some ginger ale in its stead. Just ask the bartender to pour some ginger ale into a tall beer glass, no ice included, until the top appears frothy akin to a draft beer. If anyone from an event company Singapore asks what you're drinking, insert a random beer brand (i.e. Tiger, Carlsberg) to throw them off the trail. #1 event company

4. Get a non-alcoholic beer

Alternatively, you could ask for a non-alcoholic beer such as an Asahi Dry Zero from the bartender and have them pour the contents into a pint glass so as to avoid rousing any suspicions from your other colleagues working for the same event company Singapore.

5. Fill your bottle with water instead

This method might seem extreme, but if you pull it off discreetly it might work out well in your favour. Simply take a beer bottle to the restroom and dump the contents in a sink or down the toiler before filling it up with water and rejoining your group post haste, especially if you're the representative for your event company Singapore. Make sure to wash the bottle thoroughly before filling it up with water or any non-alcoholic beverage of choice to get rid of any residual alcohol taste and smell. top event company in singapore


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H/T: WikiHow


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