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How To Get The Right Sponsors For Your Event

Event Company Singapore: Sponsors aren’t just a smart way to balance your budget, they can be a major draw for your fans. In order to zero in on the sponsors your attendees will love and then secure them, here are some ways to get the right kind of sponsors for your event:

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Find brand categories that resonate with fans

If you want your event to generate enough interest, make a list of the broad types of companies that align with the expressed interests of attendees. For instance, if your attendees are interested in luxury travel, spas and resorts should be on the table, or if your audience is interested in local art, local art galleries and art supply stores will be good options.

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Pick out and identify specific brands

Start a list of brands you’d like to approach, you might know that you want to get in touch with certain brands such as craft beer companies, for instance. One way to filter the type of brands and sponsors to get for your event is by browsing social media to determine which of these brands would resonate most with your attendees, as well as what brands are trending at the moment.

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Research these specific brands

Event sponsors aren’t just sending a check in exchange for a banner above your stage, they want to know specifically how you’re going to benefit their brand. Thus, it's always best to do as much research on these brands and find out if they typically sponsor events. If the brand is dazzling sponsor in terms of popularity, reach, and fit, it’s time to show your value.

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Get in touch with sponsors

Strike up a conversation with any decent contact you have at the company and see if you can get the name of a sponsorship decision-maker or go the LinkedIn route, or “cold contact” via email or social media. In your conversation with contacts at the brand, always remember that sponsorship is a symbiotic relationship, so bring your value proposition to the table, and then listen for theirs. The more work you put into your sponsorship relationships up front, the higher the reward for everyone.

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