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How To Host The Best World Cup Party In 2018

Event Company Singapore: Regardless of how psyched you are, one thing we can all get on board with is having a good time, and what better excuse to throw a house party than during the World Cup? It's when everyone's in good spirits, and there's no denying the electric atmosphere that comes along with that sense of national pride everyone seems to adopt when watching their country represented on the pitch. Here are some ideas on hosting the best World Cup party this year:

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International food fest

You can use the World Cup as an excuse to try out different cuisines from around the world, like an international food tour. You and your mates might be nibbling on a fresh Russian salad and sipping on some Sancocho (a popular Latin American soup), while indulging in Nigerian Jollof Rice and Akara the next. Since there are 32 countries competing in this year's world cup, you'll no doubt have enough leftovers to cover about week's worth of lunches and dinners.

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Fancy dress party

For your own World Cup fancy dress party, get your guests to dress up as footballers, past or present. To make it extra fun make sure no one picks the same player to dress up as. If you wish to avoid a Messi situation, you can even assign certain players your guests can dress up as beforehand so there's no need to worry about who to come to the party as.

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Have a drinking game

When it comes to raucous parties, drinking games are a classic party winner and easily the best way to liven up a dull match. Get your friends around with everyone bringing a bottle each, and create a set of rules before each match. For example, "drink every time there's a corner" or if you're really after a party "drink every time the referee blows his whistle." However you plan the game, you can set your rules (and have Uber on speed dial).

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Fantasy football

For the uninitiated, fantasy football is a game where participants essentially become club managers and create their own winning World Cup fantasy team of their choosing. The challenge is to use your football knowledge, or just pure luck in some cases, to pick the best squad and score points as close as possible to the actual performances of your players in real life. If you're into it, get your fellow footie lovers around and host a night of competitive fantasy football while comparing your scores to the live action in Russia.

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