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How To Nail The Ultimate Event Experience

Event Company Singapore: Your attendees’ experience starts the moment they discover your event, be a recommendation from a trusted friend or colleague, or through search or an advertisement on social media. To create an unforgettable attendee experience from start to finish, make sure your team can execute these three strategies:

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Articulate the experience online

When someone discovers your event online, if your event’s online presence doesn’t convince them to attend your event, your attendance will suffer greatly. To make your event reach out to more people, showcase your event experience via YouTube and Google Images by using images and videos that help attendees visualise themselves at your event. Also, convey the benefits of attending your event by telling attendees how your event benefits them and what they might be able to experience or learn.

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Have a captivating promotional strategy

To reach more attendees and grow event attendance today, make sure your promotion strategy will reach event-goers on their favourite mobile apps, especially as 50% of online consumption is concentrated on a handful of mobile apps, most of which are owned by Google and Facebook. Also, rekindle interest with retargeting, which lets you advertise to people who’ve visited your event page but didn’t hit “buy.” Since you’re showing ads to people who already know about your event, there’s no need to beat around the bush in your copy or creative, so don’t be afraid to create urgency by telling them when sales for tickets or registrations end.

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Make it easier to commit to your event

Even if your promotion strategy and web presence generates interest and captivates potential attendees, a difficult purchase process can make them think twice about attending. Hence, get rid of additional steps in the checkout process which could lead to a 10% decrease in ticket transactions on your website. Also, don't force your customers to log in before buying tickets, and lastly don't include hidden fees for if your purchase process doesn’t show additional fees on the final checkout page, disgruntled customers might be closing the window instead of checking out.

event company Singapore

event company Singapore

event company Singapore

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