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How To Promote Your Event On Facebook

Event Company Singapore: Facebook is one of the foremost social media platforms and an effective marketing tool that many an event company Singapore can attest to. Of course, it's more than just simply posting your event details on your Facebook page, so here are some quick and easy ways to promote your event on Facebook:

Promotion through your Facebook page

To promote your event on your Facebook page, firstly optimise your page by ensuring the 'Events' tab is one of the first tabs on your page's timeline. This is to make it easy for people to find your calendar and see the full list of events available. Also make sure to check “Publish New Events to Timeline” within your “Event” tab, so people can find out when you create a new event.

Share your Facebook event

One impactful way to promote your event is by sharing your event on your Page to reach your followers. In order to share your event, click the dropdown under “Invite” and then click “Share to Page.” It’s also worth finding out if you fit the parameters to become a Facebook Official Event, which means your event could qualify for better search and News Feed recommendations for even more visibility.

Highlight your events calendar

To promote all your events at once, you can provide a calendar of your upcoming activities and share it by publishing a post with a link to your event calendar. You can do this by going to your “Events” tab, then clicking “Share Events." This will automatically include a preview of your latest events, and you can also send this link out on other channels, like a mailing list or fan club for instance.

Add your event to other Facebook pages

Instead of duplicating your event on Facebook, you can add it to calendars on other organization’s or individual’s official Pages. To do this, click the “More” dropdown on your event next to “Invite”, then select “Add to Page.” Once your event is added to their calendars, their audiences can also discover it, which brings more traffic and garner interest in your event.

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