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Improving The Event Experience For Your Attendees

Event Company Singapore: In this day and age, attendees demand personalised experiences that go beyond just sitting in a lecture hall. They’re looking for meetings with meaning, innovation, and insight, and most of all, they’re looking for event concepts and formats that foster authentic engagement. Therefore, here are a few ways to improve the overall event experience for your attendees:

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Stimulate learning through utility of movement

Most everyone has experienced that awkward feeling of shuffling around trying to find someone to pair up with. By the time the ice breaks, it’s usually too late to create any meaningful engagement, and that chunk of time goes to waste. However, giving participants an activity can go a long way in breaking that ice and loosening everyone up. A big key is to get people moving in ways that don’t feel awkward or off-putting, but also encourage conversation and interaction between peers.

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Turn certain events into games

Incentivise attendees to engage with the content in meaningful ways by turning it into a game, naturally. Create game-like systems around content, whether that be by creating teams, rewarding points for tasks, or tracking completion.While some may have doubts about just how effective such a simple idea could be, it works just as well for adult learners as it does in grade school. In fact, a whopping 80% of learners say that they would be more productive if their work was more game-like!

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Facilitate discussions in small groups

The larger the group, the more daunting it can be to participate in a discussion. But when people break into smaller groups, the stakes are seemingly lowered. Thus, by creating breakout sessions in smaller groups, events can encourage more participation, give everyone a chance to speak their piece, and make sure that each attendee is heard.

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Hold a 'silent conference' for your event

Think about it for a moment, getting from one speaker to the next isn’t always easy, especially when the spaces are far away, or there’s overlap in time slots. When silent disco technology is applied to conferences, aka a 'silent conference', it eliminates all of this hassle, thus allowing for multiple speaking sessions to occur simultaneously in the same place, all the while attendees can toggle between them and easily engage in conversations with peers who are also tuning in.

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