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Innovative Event Ideas To Intrigue Your Guests

Event Company Singapore: Nothing grabs people’s attention like being surprised! If you want your next events to be cutting edge, lead the way with these great ideas to make your events more innovative:

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Designated play zones

Designate areas of your conference specifically for open play at all times to not-so-subtly promote play. Giant nostalgia games like Jenga, Connect Four, and Twister are becoming a staple at large receptions, on trade show floors, and at outdoor events, and these oversized games are like beautiful interactive decor that helps people network while they play in a unique way. They can be grouped together in fun ‘zones’ so they don’t disturb the other components of the program.

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A Meeting Learning coach

Hire a meeting learning coach, who's a combination of an expert facilitator and MC who in an ideal world also has a background in education and professional speaking. This person will not just give housekeeping notes, introduce speakers, and give out awards, they have an active role in the program. Your coach should help you train your speakers to be more engaging, curate and facilitate your content, and lead your participants in thought-provoking and knowledge-sharing discussions that reiterate your most important objectives for the conference.

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Live product demos

Now this is an interesting blend of showcase and technology! Use augmented or virtual reality to allow attendees to experience products or services for themselves. This is excellent if you have products that are difficult to test in an event environment and allows a one-on-one opportunity to showcase them where they do best.

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Give your attendees a voice

Putting the power in the hands of the participants leaves all kinds of room for fun and playful design formats for education. Consider using fun tools like throwable microphones to promote interactive sessions or polling apps to determine which content is presented next, or use fun physical props like giant foam fingers and noisemakers for voting or betting on correct answers. Putting more demand for active participation in fun ways will make your participants be more willing to let their voice be heard in a playful way!

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