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Innovative Event Ideas For Your Consideration, Part 2

Event Management Company: Want to grab people’s attention and inculcate the feeling of being surprised in your guests at your event? If you want your next events to be cutting edge, lead the way with more of these great ideas to make your events that more innovative:

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Gamification of sponsorship activations

Showcase your sponsors in fun, playful ways by incorporating interactive ways for them to showcase their product or service. Think giant vending machines to give away swag, fun ball pit chill-out spots, or even CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) give-back stations (think building a bike for kids or making care packages for the needy). Guests passing by your sponsorship areas should feel compelled to get involved and play while they are exposed to your sponsor’s services.

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Fishbowl chats

This is a new dynamic at conferences for brainstorming whereby a center circle of attendees sit and discuss a topic at length, while an outer circle observes! The outer circle can contribute if they have an idea but it’s an interesting way to include introverts and extroverts in planning and activities.

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Enlarged touch screens

We are all so used to smartphones and touch screens but these larger than life versions that take more than one attendee to operate are going to wow them and draw them in. Having games and activities on a large scale that encourage others to work together makes them reliant on each other and more invested than the passing visitor, making them commit more and be fully immersed in the task at hand.

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Live product demos

Go for something more exciting with live demonstrations of the latest innovative products! Use augmented or virtual reality to allow attendees to experience products or services for themselves. This is excellent if you have products that are difficult to test in an event environment and allows a one-on-one opportunity to showcase them where they do best.

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