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Inspirational Ways To Market Film & TV Events

Event Company Singapore: Marketing films and TV shows is dependent on timing, which is incredibly important and requires building up as much hype in a short space of time, considering how lucrative films and TV shows are when it comes to crafting a powerful content marketing strategy. Here are some inspirational ways to market any film and TV event:

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Publicity Stunt

If you want to leverage viral marketing of any sorts in your favour, you must begin by doing something worth talking about. For example, when Game of Thrones was being marketed in the UK, a bus-sized dragon’s head was erected at a beach in Dorset, appearing to have been washed up on the beach. Publicity stunts garner attention in the most engaging and sometimes ludicrous of ways, so use this tactic to your advantage.

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Pre-roll video advertising

Pre-roll video adverts are an incredibly effective tool for drumming up interest and seeding your trailer online, not to mention being relatively inexpensive, and you aren’t charged if the viewer clicks ‘skip’ within the first five seconds. The important thing to remember with pre-roll advertising is to give the viewer a call to action. This could range from visiting the movie’s Facebook Page or any other social media account and engaging in a social game about the film, or entering a competition to win premiere tickets, or perhaps just going through to the movie’s official website to watch the full-length trailer.

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Press junkets

Press Junkets are one of the movie industry’s most powerful publicity tactics, where key journalists, critics, and reporters are flown to a location where, over the course of a few days, the press can conduct interviews with all of the main actors and directors from the film. While the main journalists and critics will be key, you may also want to experiment with inviting influential bloggers and fans to the event. One tactic may be to run a ‘mini press junket’ in all of the major cities that you’re planning to launch in, which would lead to a social media competition for a number of fans in each city to attend their local press event and meet the cast.

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Behind-the-scenes audience involvement

Involving your audience in the making of or promotion strategy of the film is a fantastic way to get some die-hard fans early on. There are countless ways to do this, ranging from running a competition to being featured as an extra, and even crowdfunding your film or TV show using a platform like Kickstarter, where people are rewarded with exclusive gifts for helping to fund the making of the film.

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