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5 Essential Tips For Setting Up Your Livestream Event

Live Streaming Event Company - In recent years, specifically in the wake of an ongoing global pandemic, live streaming has become the go-to alternative for event promotion and the like due to its relative ease of use and increasing popularity as of late. However, while livestreams have allowed for more convenience as a whole, there are bound to be moments when your livestream might run into a few problems or worse. Therefore, with the help of your favourite live streaming event company, let us provide you with five essential tips to keep in mind when live streaming your event to the world:

Your setup must be simple yet effective

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When it comes to live streaming, you might try to throw in more and more equipment than you actually need and that will only make matters worse, even more so if you're relatively new to the world of livestreams. Thus, it's probably the best move to keep your initial live streaming setup pretty basic and simple so as to avoid overcomplicating things and technical issues of any kind. If need be, approach your local live streaming event company for advice on how to keep your live streaming setup sweet and simple.

Always have a backup ready

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So you have your ideal setup in place and you've run through all the checks with some help from your live streaming event company, but what happens if there's a malfunction in your equipment? There is always that faint possibility of technical failure that may rear its ugly head, so to combat this problem have some extra backup equipment in place such as monitors, cables and peripherals like a mouse and keyboard, etc. Remember, it's better to play safe and have some additional equipment around in case of emergency.

Check your network thoroughly

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This one is pretty vital for your livestream event to work; without a steady internet connection, your livestream may crash and burn before it even started. Therefore, check with your internet provider to ascertain that you have adequate bandwidth for your livestream to be able to run smoothly without any hiccups. Your live streaming event company can also aid you by testing the upload speed to ensure there is consistent bandwidth enough to support your livestream throughout.

Check your audio always

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Believe it or not, audio is everything in the live streaming world as any other live streaming event company can attest to. Without a good microphone and adequate audio software, your livestream would be a dud, hence always make sure that you check your audio meticulously. Before you commence your stream, make sure to test the acoustics of your setting as well as minimize any background noise, configuring your audio settings, layering the walls with soundproof materials such as foam for instance, etc.

Conduct a test stream

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Now, before you officially begin your livestream you might want to work out the kinks first and more often than not the best way is to perform a test stream albeit from a backup account. It's preferable to use a backup account to test your stream as any professional live streaming event company will attest to, hence create your backup account anonymously then use it to conduct your test stream. In the meantime, as your test stream is running log into your main account to view it and see if you're able to interact with the stream in any way from the audience's point of view.


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